On enrolment, students are allocated to one of our three sporting houses: Pegler (blue), McManus (red) and Sommerfield (white). Each is named after a significant past members of our community. 

Students from St Finbarr’s and the Quilpie State College combine to form these houses for Quilpie and district sporting events including cross country, athletics and swimming to compete against the combined schools made up of Eromanga State School and the Charleville and Longreach Schools of Distance Education. During these competitions, students 10 years and older are selected to compete at district, regional and state level if successful.

Students, 10 years and older, also have opportunities to try out for selection in cricket, rugby league, tennis, softball, touch football, soccer, tennis and netball for Charleville and district teams to compete at regional and state level. 

St Finbarr’s School works closely with other schools in the area, including the Quilpie State College, Eromanga State School, Charleville and Longreach Schools of Distance Education to enable access to a wide range of sporting opportunities, including sporting workshops with visiting coaches in gymnastics, archery, cricket, rugby league and any other sports that become available.