Inclusive education

Supporting all students to reach their full potential is our primary focus at St Finbarr's.  For education to be fully inclusive, all students, no matter their culture, socioeconomic background, or personal strengths and challenges, whether academic or social emotional, must be given support to have full access to the curriculum.  The needs of the students can be constantly changing and early intervention is critical.  We are fortunate to have qualified staff and access to support services, as well as being flexible in our programs to meet the needs of our students.

Assessment data is gathered continually and analysed through our Professional Learning Team (Class Teacher, Principal/LST and support services, in consultation with the student and family).  Adjustments to learning sequences, program delivery and quality learning opportunities are developed within the Planning for Personalised Learning Processes. 

Our committment to Inclusive Education extends to all students including the talent development of all high potential and gifted students in the school. 

Indigenous Education and Multicultural Understandings

The formation of an Indigenous Working Party in 2020 has further strengthened partnerships to enhance the quality of education and care provided to our students.  This is a flexible group of interested parents and community members.  From this group a comprehensive and effective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education plan is being developed.  Parents value the learning about Indigenous culture and this group is integral to ensuring that decisions are made in a culturally sensitive and informed manner.  The academic achievement of Indigenous students is on par with that of non-Indigenous students, and it is notable that many of the highest achieving students in the school are of Indigenous heritage.

Learning Support

The Principal/Learning Support teacher, having attained a Master's Degree in Special Education/Learning Support and a Diploma in Speech Pathology, leads the inclusive education team.  She works with classroom teachers to monitor and assess students and develop programs and interventions to enable all students reach their full potential.  These include children experiencing learning difficulties in reading, writing and maths.  Special education support services are available in areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Impairment, physical, social emotional, hearing and vision impairment through Advisory Visiting Teachers and School Inclusion Coaches who provide training and guidance to teachers and teacher aides working with children in these areas of need.  

The school is also supported by Catholic Education Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and School counsellor and accesses the services provided by Queensland Health and CWAATSICH including audiology and vision screening.  

“My teacher knows me, I get help in a different way to the others, but nobody worries about that.” St Finbarr's student