St Finbarr's School song

(Words and music by Josh Arnold and the Year 3-7 class of 2013)


Built in the spirit of Mary MacKillop,
is our small school, at the end of the track.
With a long history, in the town of Quilpie,
a place of learning in the Outback.


At St Finbarr’s, sharing in our faith
At St Finbarr’s living with God’s grace
When peace, Truth and Wisdom,
are shining through our hearts,
this school will make us who we are.


Always grateful, to our family and teachers.
Look out for one another, as we work and play.
If this is our journey, let’s make it together
and let God guide us each step of the way. 

Repeat Chorus

Little did they know, when they hopped off the train
The Sisters’ legacy, would always remain. (sung quietly)
At St Finbarr’s, sharing in our faith
At St Finbarr’s, living with God’s grace. 

Repeat Chorus
Repeat last three lines of Chorus