“The principal, Genny McNair, is first and foremost an excellent educator who demonstrates the positive leadership attributes of courage, clarity and decisiveness. She works alongside the teachers, staff and parents to bring them together as a collective so that everyone is focused on student learning and improved outcomes for the students at St Finbarr’s.”

Paul Murphy, Senior Education Leader, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office (Quadrennial School Review Report, 2020)



Why exceptional learning takes place at St Finbarr’s School 

Flexibility of curriculum delivery 

Teachers have flexibility in their planning and delivery of the Australian Curriculum. All students receive instruction appropriate to their individual needs and ability levels. This structure allows for flexibility in learning and teaching, to meet individual student needs, with all students receiving instruction at their ability level through whole class, small group and individual instruction as well as peer tutoring. School officers are fully utilised by classroom teachers to support individual and small group instruction within the classrooms. 

Critical and creative thinking 

Our students develop skills as critical and creative thinkers and are encouraged to search for answers to questions, to use technologies, people and places beyond the classroom and develop deep understandings of the ideas embedded within the curriculum.  

This helps students develop higher order thinking and problem-solving skills and more easily transfer their skills, knowledge and understandings to real-life situations they may encounter throughout their lives. 

“The kids know where they are in their learning and know what they need to learn next.”  St Finbarr’s parent

Values education

Academic learning is enhanced by ensuring students achieve socially, emotionally, spiritually and creatively.  Our unique whole school values program investigates topics such as respect, honesty, caring, fairness, determination, responsibility, tolerance, self-respect, resilience and forgiveness.   

Students are supported in living these values daily and are given opportunities to practise these in community activities and through our Mini Vinnies group. This develops their understanding of their responsibility not only within their family and school but as members of a much wider community. 

The school runs a special “You Can Do It” program that instils confidence in students to help strengthen student self-belief and build their social-emotional skills. The program is student-centred and is a whole-school approach to building resilience, student relationships and wellbeing.