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Meet the principal, Genny McNair

Welcome to St Finbarr’s School, Quilpie.  My name is Genny McNair and I have been Principal here since 2013.

I believe all students can learn and achieve and that it takes a community to raise a child. What better place to do it than in a small regional community such as Quilpie?

Education is about investing in a child’s ability to progress towards meaningful goals and equip them with skills for life.

In the classroom, high expectations coupled with expert teaching means that students grow to love learning both inside and beyond the school gates.

Anchoring traditional teaching methods in reading, writing and numeracy, our teaching practice at St Finbarr’s integrates modern principles based on the latest data and research for best learning outcomes.

Multi-age classrooms are common in small schools, and expert curriculum planning, development and alignment across a number of year levels is crucial to ensure student success. Students generally thrive in a multi-age class as the structure enables the student to work at their own ability level.  High Potential learners are naturally extended by older students and those who need a little more support or revision are able to work with other students at a similar level within the class.   

Personally, my passion in teaching is for students who need extra support, whether it’s reading, speech or language development or building their confidence in learning. When I work one-on-one with students, it is very rewarding to see a child's face light up when they realise they 'get it'.

My goal for every graduate of St Finbarr’s is that they are prepared and excited to start their high school journey and that they live each day as motivated, confident and caring young people.

Partnering with families to further a child’s learning is a privilege that I take seriously, and I value working with parents who support their children’s learning from home.

If you have any enquiries or are considering St Finbarr's for your child's primary schooling, we invite you to visit our school or make contact with us.

warm regards

Genny McNair
St Finbarr’s School